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The Internet is truly one of the most significant inventions of modern society. With its accessibility and ease of use, it is no wonder people are glued to their phones, tablets, and computers constantly. While addiction to the Internet is not good, we cannot deny the positive things that the Internet has to offer.

What most people use the Internet for is to look up for news. Because it helps connect people to the rest of the world around them, the Internet can be a goodOnline News resource when looking for information on any topic. It is also good because of how fast it transmits news from person to person. The only disadvantage of this is that it is easier for people to falsify and fabricate news. It is also possible to misinterpret news, which is why people, especially those who use the Internet daily to look up news, must be vigilant and only read news from accredited sources, such as media websites and news outlets.

The first avenue for people to look up news is, as said earlier, news outlets. This is because these websites were creates by major media corporations that already exist in print, radio and television. Audiences are ensured that the people behind these websites are experienced and accredited journalists and are already well-established in the world of media. In a way, these websites serve as off-shoots of the already existing media these companies use to bring us news.

Media sites are also good sources of information, especially those that are backed by other media corporations. These include specialized sites such as science websites, political websites, and other kinds of websites with News Blogscontributor created content. These are often created and written for by experts on various topics and these articles also provide commentary on the topics in question. These are often reliable, as they are written by experts, but may lean towards certain opinions and certain ways of thinking based on the brand and the alignment of these media sites.

Another type of site which provides news is blogs. These blogs are often written by experts and enthusiasts on certain topics and they can provide good commentary on topics, as well. These are also good because they are incredibly specific to a certain niche so users can avoid having to sift through topics and stories that do not interest them at all. Search engine optimization companies, such as SEO Explode, can help bloggers get their work out there. According to their website, “SEOExplode is the best company to provide you with the Organic SEO services that you need.”

Well-optimized websites and blogs are often great sources of online news and information because they are written by people who understand and have the ability to put into context these various news stories. This is the main reason why many website owners search for the best SEO company who can help them implement the best search engine optimization campaign.

Another avenue from which people can obtain news is through social media sites. Out of all methods, this one is the most unreliable, yet incredibly accessible to the point where it is unavoidable. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and News from social mediaTumblr are notorious for their article-sharing features that can sometimes lead to the spread of misinformation. There is also the danger of biased opinions, even more so than from blogs, especially because the people sharing these posts are often our friends and relatives.

We may be swayed by the opinions of people we know and trust, which can lead to even more confusion and misinformation. It is therefore important to note the unreliability of social media sites as avenues for receiving news, unless the account that is posting these news articles is an accredited news account, most often related or linked to the aforementioned news outlets and media sites.

As regular Internet users, it is important for all of us to be vigilant and to look for our news in reliable and trustworthy sources to prevent misinformation and make things easier for everyone.

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online journalism

online journalismWe witness how technology and media evolve together. As technology advances, there is no doubt that online media influences more and more people. Because online journalism spans almost all aspects of life, we can hardly distinguish how it differs from a blog or magazine. We fail to see the essence of traditional media. News now is about lifestyle, entertainment, politics, finance and business.

Some media websites slowly dissolve the idea that they should deliver the truth. Their aim is not to inform the public, but to serve their interests for profit, favor a political agenda or conceal a company’s motive.

News can be our only source of facts and statistics. It may only be the way we can gauge the economy and base our day-to-day decisions from. Media people must understand that not all people have the expertise or knowledge regarding a covered subject. They must deliver timely, accurate and unbiased information for public awareness.

Online media is powerful that it affects our perspective. It enables a change in attitude and behavior of an individual. It is not the media’s job to decide for us. It is the readers’ job to create a plan and take action in solving issues concerning the world. The event speaks for itself, so there is no need for the media to create stories around it. The media’s role is to cover that event and show the public that it is existent. When we see that there is an issue, we take a course of action to try to abate the negative impacts of a problem.

journalismThe problem with media people is that they exaggerate a speech from a well-known figure even if it has nothing to do with the progress of a nation. They react to the point of distorting the accuracy of the news. Most media people focus on what happens to humanity, but neglect exposing the happenings in the environment. They know it is a crime polluting a land. For reasons, they can’t cover the issue because they are trying to keep the name of that company safe. People deserve to know the exploitation the environment gets in the hands of big companies.

Awareness on environmental issues enables people to change their habits. We are motivated to join movements that spread awareness to others and that help raise our concerns to the authorities.

Whether we admit it or not, media affects us psychologically. Aside from the fact that it can help raise and spread awareness, it stirs our emotions, too. Some news can make the public angry, frustrated, satisfied, and even stressed and anxious. Some of those reading news about war and crime on a daily basis may experience trauma. Those with low stress tolerance level should limit their exposure to such kinds of news. Others may even think it is not safe to go outdoors as they see the prevalence of crimes in the news.

News affects our social life, too, through the Internet. An event or issue tests us whether we stay cohesive as a nation or we divide into groups. News can bring about debates. If this is the case, we should come up with a consensus so we can solve the issue in question.

Online media has made it possible for us to connect to the global community, reach out to international organizations, be a part of like-minded individuals with a purpose, and spread the news to others not exposed to a specific media group. It enables the public to post comments about the news, but also allows cyber-bullying.

We are better off knowing the rise and fall of the economy so we know the right time for us to start a business. We should know if there is an incoming calamity or identify its signs so we can prepare ahead of time. We deserve to know what happens in the government so we can keep track of its activities in public service. We do need entertainment, so there is nothing wrong if we look for news about game losses and wins.

It all depends on our purpose for opting for online media. We are likely to read the online news since we find it accessible anywhere and anytime.